e(fx)clipse addons

Additional services for JavaFX Tooling and Runtime for Eclipse and OSGi

As e(fx)clipse project founder and leader of development, BestSolution.at is able to provide highest quality in support and all other kinds of services around e(fx)clipse.

Whether you are planning a new project, looking for support in an ongoing development or you want your code base to be analyzed by real practiced experts, we are your right choice! Or do you look for individual features you miss in e(fx)clipse? Get in contact with us right away.

Main instruments

email support

Predefined members of your team receive a dedicated email address for getting answers to their specific questions. Your advantage: know how and support where and when you need it

problem fixing

We solve your problems - you receive a solution (kind of an "emergency fix") for your e(fx)clipse riddles on inquiry. On demand, those fixes can be applied to your code base directly and thus will make it into all further releases.

direct contact

In case of problems regarding your e(fx)clipse projects, we can support you via live web- or phone conferences and find solutions together with your developers.


Specify the functionalities that you require for your projects and let us do the rest. We develop as well as integrate your new ideas/possibilities into e(fx)clipse's code base within an appointed timeline.

Service at the right level

We are prepared to serve you right at the level you are looking for:

  • from single problem solution up to the comprehensive concerns of entire teams
  • from your initial contact with e(fx)clipse up to ongoing assistance for your teams in large/different projects
  • from giving just specific answers up to developing your tailor-made features or delivering hotfixes for urgent issues

Get in contact with us right here via efxclipse@BestSolution.at to arrange your perfectly fitting solution.